HitCash:Officially Launched


First of all,
Welcome to HitCash.me.
I am the administrator of this site, with several years of experience in both ptc sites and other options to earn money.
Every detail is calculated based on statistics and an advanced plan that guarantees profitability and stability indefinitely.
Everyone can earn money on HitCash.me, you just need time and dedication to do it.

The means of payment to start are:
Then we will add more as means of payment.

See you at the forum. Greetings.
Admin HitCash

Official launch of DogBux!

News & Information

Hello dear members,
Welcome to DogBux.
After hard working of many days today we are launching our site DogBux.
Here you can earn with many ways like Clicking ads, Clicking grid ads, Completing PTSU, Participating in contests, referring friends and family.
Everyone is welcomed to our site and anyone can join from any country.
We have supported payment processors are Perfect Money, Payeer, CoinPayments and Skrill.
for any type of help you can open support ticket or post in forum and our team will try there best to assist you.
Thanks for joining with us

Admin DogBux

News Ptc Sites: Royalclix

News and Information

Welcome all new members to our new website.
We offer more advertising possibilities like PTC ads, Banner advertising, Clix Grid, PTSU Offers and many more in the cheapest advertising prices on the market.

We hope you will find here the great satisfaction.
Our main goal is to provide the best services and benefits to all members in the shortest time as possible.
Thank you for your participating in our project and we wish all the best and good luck.

Best regards,
Royalclix Admin

Startbux–new ptc site

 News and information

Hello everyone. Welcome to the family of Startbux.
Atfirst we have to introduce ourself.
Who we are? We are Startbux family where any members are welcomed. We have many years of Experience in PTC and i am the head Admin of Startbux.
Why we are?
We are here to earn and also give earning to members. Simple.
What do we offer?
We offer earnings to members. There are too many ways to earn like View ads, Clicking in grid ads, Winning In Contests, Doing offerwalls and offers, Playing games, upgrading memberships, Referring friends and renting refs. Also we offer revenue shares at cheap rates in our site. In the other hand, Who are advertisers. They can advertise There sites/Offer in our site at cheap rate. We have too many offers for advertisers.
So everyone again welcome to Startbux. Hope you will be happy to work with us.

Head Admin