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You get payment between 5-15 min max

BMF Members can apply for exchange BMF Points

=>For your exchange with lower then 10$ we send frst payment without fee, with 10-25$ 3% Fee on first.., what is higher is 10% fee
=>for 10$ in next payment you should request only from your dashboard on timegpt.info

we have bonuses for exchange from BTC and Paypal…. so if you apply 150$ you get 75$ + to your wallet

For exchange please contact us via [email protected], beter option is TELEGRAM you find name aleksandef and join to channel via telegram t.me/timegpt
BEFORE YOU APPLY FOR EXCHANGE YOU SHOULD AGREE WITH OUR TERMS FOR EXCHANGE. You can ask us for more info, we are here to help!!

Received The 50th Payment From GoldenClix–The Best PTC Site To Earn Money Online Without Invest

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New About GoldenClicx:

Contest Started

Jul 2, 2020 07:00 Servertime

The contest ends

Aug 1, 2020 0:00 Servertime

(July 31 is last day)

Contest Rules

star First 10 members will get prizes.

star You will receive points for various tasks: 20 points for each direct referral you bring, 10 points for each $1.00 you deposit, 1 point for each PTSU you complete and 1 point for each advertisement you click.

star Prizes will be assigned manually after the contest finishes within 24 hours.

star What is not allowed: Autoclickers, Multiple accounts, Forcing people to sign up. You will be suspended breaking the rules!

Direct Referrals Contest Launched At Linxium

Greeting everyone.

We have been continuously impressed by all the support and users efforts everyone is showing. It is just three weeks since we have launched Linxium and already we have more then 25,000 registered users and this number increasing at about +- 1,000 each day! Our alexa rank is increasing at a comet speed and at the moment of this post is at 21,368 this all is just 3 weeks since we are live, an amazing efforts!
In relation to that we want to award our most active promoters by launching our first referral contest!

– Referral contest will run from 00:00 hour 8th July 2020 till 00:00 hour 7th of August 2020! –
During this time everyone who invites new referrals will be included in contest results, but only 10 most active ones will be rewarded. Please note – New referrals that will view 50 or more fixed and flash advertisements will be included in promoters results, the ones that have the most active referrals win first place. After the initial 30 days of referring new members expire another 5 days will be given for all late comers to complete 50 adverts requirements. Your newly registered referrals will not be included any more but your old ones will have another 5 days to view adverts.

Everyone can refer as many new referrals as possible! Even if your direct referral limit is reached – new referrals for the contest will be included in your contest stats. If you will delete those new referrals from your list, they will still be in your contest results, system knows which ones you have referred for this contest and so it will know who to include so no worries, even if you delete your referrals, or reach direct referrals limit those referrals will still be included in contest results. You will be able to see your own stats in contest page while contest is active.

!Note that your deleted or over limit referred referrals will not count towards referral commissions, that means if you delete one of your referrals when ever he/she view advert your account will not be credited commissions. Basically it will stay as it always was, system keeps them in memory just for contest purpose and nothing else.

Please follow rules of contest:
“It is forbidden to force someone to sign up, spam, trick others in to signing up to program, using any third party software to generate fake referrals, buy referrals, PTSU offers, multiple accounts and similar…
Contest last 30 days after which 5 more days will be given for all users to complete 50 view ads requirement to be included in referrers stats.
After contest ends fully – administration will check participants and reward winners in 48 hours.”

Contest results and rewards are displayed in contest page that can be accessed via top menu, click Earnings -> Referral Contest

Side note if someone is wondering when we will increase fixed advert prices as we keep on growing, but prices are still same as before. We plan to increase Fixed Adverts price when we see that Fixed ads views are about 7,000 to 8,000 views per ad per day, so if you are an advertiser and you will notice that your ad gets daily views between 7000 to 8000 you can expect price increase at any time and if you are happy with the advertising results we suggest buying more long terms at at that time.

Again, a very BIG THANK YOU ALL for such a great support you all show us.
Best regards.
Linxium Admin

Promotion: linxium, Earn $0.03 per click now

Informations From Linximum’s Forum

Hello dear members of Linxium.

We are pleased to inform everyone that we are crossing our first month online achievement!

We started Linxium very strong from the first day and we are really glad we managed to keep same momentum till this day, we are not slowing down, not a bit, there is still so much more to do, to achieve, to prove all those who doubted us and our united strength. We are all in this one playing as one whole unit where management and Linxium users are fighting in battle for glory and recognition. It is known secret that no program is strong enough to keep going forwards without its valued members support. We are blessed to have such a great community who do understand that and is together with us pushing linxium to where it belongs, at the top.

It has been just about a month since we are live and already we all, together, have managed to achieve some of the most striking steps such as just rocketed to ~14,000 alexa rank, almost 40,000 registered members and a bunch of happy customers that have been using our platform for their profit or campaigns purposes. We are extremely happy to have all of you guys together with us on this journey. There are plenty of hard challenges await us all, but with such a united community that we have, there is no doubts we will overcome any obstacles no mater how big or challenging they would be.

We managed to achieve what we think not many platforms achieve in such a small time period, but there is no time to relax, it is just a beginning, there is still so much to achieve, the hardest challenges are still to come, so lets gather up and lets keep on pushing, we are growing very fast every day, but we can say that the real growth has not yet begun, there still are thousands of internet users who are skeptical regarding linxium, thats where we need your help, specially with posting your payment proofs at our forum. Yes, before you mentioned this, we understand that our forum still needs improvements and now you can not post payment images on our forum, but a simple text will help a million. Like we said before, we do not require our users to post their payment proofs on forum, but you must understand that by not posting your proofs you are slightly damaging reputation because our visitors can see that we pay a bunch of payments every day and once they see no payment proofs in forum that makes them feel suspicious about that fact and they start to question our program. And on the other hand if you post proof on forum, does not even mater so much if it is a picture or not, that turns tables to completely other side and instead of doubting us, visitors are leaning towards trust factor instantly. So to finalize: We are still not requiring you to post proofs, but you would be doing a huge favor not only to Linxium, but to your self. As we mentioned, users play the most important part in growing any program and Linxium is no exception, Linxium depends on its users.
A Big Thank You In Advance.

Lastly we would like to call out your attention to couple promotions we prepared for you to celebrate this first our achievement.
Have a look at our promotions forum section for a rewards and bonuses.

Have a great time here at Linxium platform.
A Big Thank You All for your support and continues interest.

Best regards.
Linxium Admin

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